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Simple pricing including 1-year renewal with each transfer.

Domain registration, transfer and renewal fees do not include DNS service.
All prices are in US Dollars and are valid for one year. Some domains require registrations of 2, 5 or 10 years minimum.



4.99 /mo

100 GB Storage
Unlimited Bandwidth
100 Email Addresses
Free domain with annual plan



9.99 /mo

Unlimited Websites
Unlimited Storage
Unlimited Bandwidth
500 Email Addresses



14.99 /mo

200 GB Storage
Unlimited Bandwidth
700 Email Addresses
Free domain with annual plan



19.99 /mo

Unlimited Websites
Unlimited Storage
Unlimited Bandwidth
1000 Email Addresses

24/7 Award-Winning Support

Chisonix's in-house award-winning support team is here to not only help you with your questions, but offer insight to assist you in your business endeavors. Enjoy 24/7 support and live chat with one of our experts.

Your domain name is how the online world finds you.

A domain name, or web address, is an address where you can be found online. It's how you express yourself through email or your website and it's what customers think of when trying to find you.


Chisonix provides you with the tools to get online quickly.

Present Yourself as a Pro

Using your own name for your website and email address adds a professional touch to everything you do. Show the world you have full ownership of your online presence.

Protect Your Reputation

Did you ever think about all the information that makes it to the online space these days? A high-authority website with carefully curated content gives you the power to manage your online reputation.

Increase Visibility

Search engines prefer domain names with specific keywords. Do you want your website to rank first, even before your social network profile? Your first and last names combo will help you do it.

Market Your Business & Yourself

A personal domain is the perfect place to tell people who you are and what you have to offer. Host your resume, portfolio and samples of your work, or share your photos and personal interests with the world.

Clients of our company

What our clients say

I'm basically a novice - I built my site with WordPress, and it's just me (no team of tech people to help). I've had a few scary times - when WordPress went down.

Kristine K


Chisonix's online chat feature has been my favorite one. Their customer service and help desk personnel are quick to respond and resolve issues.

Natalie G


I've been a web designer/developer for two decades. I've used just about all the major hosting companies out there. I've recently switched to Chisonix.

Debra W


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Providing a DNS service that makes your life easier

Chisonix is a hosted DNS Service Provider that you can use to manage your domains. We offer both a web interface and an iPhone application for adding and removing domains and DNS records as well as an HTTP API with various code libraries and tools.

At Chisonix we put our customers' needs first and do everything we can to provide a straightforward and easy-to-use interface for setting up and editing DNS records. Rather than offering only DNS services, or focusing on domain registration without a focus on excellent DNS, we unite all aspects of managing domains.